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We Offer Equine Dentistry Services in South Carolina.

What are the signs of teeth and mouth problems?

There are so many different symptoms you can see in a horse who has problems in its mouth, from nothing noticeable through very mild and to severe in caracter. It is important to remember that the horse can and will suffer in silence, so even if your horse seems "normal", this is no reason not to have its mouth checked on a regular basis.

  Head shaking, head tossing and head shyness

 Feed packing (you will see bumps on the outsides of the molars because of accumulation of feed.)

Pain in the face

 Bad breath or smell from nose

 Bitting problems

Reluctancy to eat

 "Acting out" when being ridden or driven

 Pulling the head to one side when being ridden or driven.

Dropping of food from the mouth

You might find large particles of straw and oats in the manure

Colics and impactions of the throat.Larger amounts of feed than normal without gaining weight.

Losing weight and condition, dull coat

Frothing and exessive salivation

Swelling and deformities of the face

Nose bleed

Sinusitis with or without nasal discharge

 Respiratory problems if swellings in the nasal tract

Loss of performance

Draining abscess from jaw

Please feel free to call us and discuss your horses needs. We look forward to hearing from you.
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