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We believe that the long term soundness and usefulness of your horse largely  depends on the quality of the hoof care your horse receives over its lifetime. We understand the benefits of a professionally administered, scheduled, competent and committed hoof care program. We also believe that each horse, regardless of age, use or price, has an inherent dignity and is worthy of the very best care and respect. If you do not find what you are looking for, give us a call, I would love to tell you about our services. I want you customer, to really know who we are, and the high standard we have set for ourselves.

Our Company
We are completely prepared to meet your horse’s every hoof care need. In our custom built, horseshoeing rig/shop, we carry an exceptionally large inventory of sizes and styles of both steel and aluminum shoes as well as a complete assortment of bar-shoes and pads. And for the horse with a truly special need, We have the ability to hand forge corrective or therapeutic shoes as well as fabricate any other type of shoe or traction device, via our forge or our MIG or oxy/acetylene welders. I also stock a wide array of Vettec, Keratex, Grand Circuit, Mustad and many other hoof care products for the creation of foal extensions, gluing on shoes, repairing hoof walls, providing support to the sensitive structures of the horse’s foot and for general hoof health.
With over 20 years of being involved in the horse industry, first as a horse owner, 4H Dad, and Volunteer, later as a Farrier and Equine Dental Tech. We feel that we can provide the highest quality service possible.  We work with, and through your local Veterinarian. We do stress continuing education as the key to staying at the top of our profession, and the importance of customer satisfaction.
Having been born and raised in South Carolina
we relocated back to the Upstate Area in 2000.
my  farrier work has taken me across much
of the Southeast, while I was an apprentice
I worked accross the Dakota's, Iowa, Kansas,
and Minnesota. I am a Graduate of  South Dakota State (Red Tomlinson Master Farrier-Instructor) Appenticed under Ford Wallace CJF (Who is currently at the Singapore Racetrack).

My Philosophy
I believe in the highest quality products and services for all of our customers. I believe our customers are my greatest asset, and I are dedicated to serving your needs. My promise is to always treat your horse as I would our own personal horses.

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